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Reviewers are responsible to ensure that all the submitted manuscripts are read thoroughly. The submitted work must be critically analysed for originality and accuracy of the reported work. IJEMD will ensure that the assigning editor will select the reviewer who has relevant knowledge and experience to provide an expert opinion on the submitted work.

In such peer-reviewed process, it is essential that the entire cycle is optimized for time, reviewers selection, paper evaluation and finally feedback to the author on their submitted work. If the papers is accepted, the process moved to the publishing stage. In case of a rejection, the authors will be given detailed comments on the reasons as to why the research paper was rejected. The author can then resubmit the work upon revision of their work.


  1. Reviewers must ensure to provide detailed feedback highlighting the strength, weaknesses of the submitted work and possibly make suggestion on ways to fix these issues. The reviewers must be constructive in their feedback and ensure that the author is given the utmost respect with regards to their work and effort.
  2. Reviewer selections criteria are done in a professional way to ensure that there is no bias or any other issues that could compromise on the accurate assessment of the submitted manuscript.
  3. Reviewers’ selection must also be done in a timely manner to avoid long delays that could have negative impact on the author and their work.
  4. The necessary qualification for reviewers must be equivalent or higher than that of the author. Usually a Ph.D. in the same or related filed will suffice. This criterion will ensure that the submitted manuscript has been properly assessed for quality, rigor, novelty, impact and significance of the work.
  5. One of the key responsibility of reviewers is that they must review and analyse the author profile from multiple sources including video, text content and those flagged by users.
  6. Since the evaluation process is anonymous, the reviewers and the authors are under mutual obligations to follow the generally accepted norms, best practices and professional guidelines.
  7. In peer-review the most important disclosed from the reviewer is to inform if there are any conflict of interest which may arise from direct research competition, collaboration, or any form of professional or personal relationships with the author. Conflict of interest will result in a compromised evaluation of the submitted manuscript. If unsure on this the reviewers are requested to seek advice from IJEMD directly.
  8. In case that the reviewer are unable to evaluate the research work, they should then decline the invitation for review. They should then if possible provide suggestions of potential reviewers who are qualified to evaluate the research work.

IJEMD recognize Publons reviewers. IJEMD encourages the reviewers to create a Publons account.